Being in Pietrasanta to meet the priestess of contemporary art, to find that in times of crisis, the art and the beauty will save us

When we asked if she feels as the daughter of art (her father Angelo had one of the first galleries in Forte dei Marmi, which opened in 1968), she suddenly gets embarrassed and explains the difference between a merchant and gallery dealer: “The merchant is the one who buys and sells, trying to understand what the market wants, looking for opportunities to grab and offer and after that sells mainly to those who want to invest. Instead the gallery dealer finds an artist and through his or her works, creates a long love story. Love indeed because she chooses the person as well as the personality and loves remembering that –having a new artist in a gallery is like welcoming a person at home-. It takes esteem, respect and a little bit of love. My father was a great merchant. “ Susanna Orlando, originally from Florence knows exactly what she is talking about as she owns galleries in both Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta. Starting from hanging it up. “It ‘so important that the framework has a real dimension in space, so most of the times I decide to go over my customer’s house and place works in the right way in order to give life and breath they deserve”. Her art experience began 38 years ago, when she first opened her first gallery in Forte dei Marmi which measured just 11 square meters: “I wanted to give a new approach to collecting: small but unique and valuable works.” Today, Pietrasanta, has grown with galleries and designer pieces. As a trait d’union, and a formidable taste that makes her a great talent scout.

Why will art and its beauty save us?

The piece of art that we admire in a museum or in a gallery is a divine gift. It is ‘a recognizable sign of a mind inspired to translate a sort of universal language, a communication that a contemporary man needs.

Of course not always the work has these features, but when it does, the person who is looking at it becomes astonished and speechless and so the the famous phrase such as: “I don’t know why, but I like it!” comes out.

I know why! In that instant moment they are facing a devine feeling.

The artist as God creates without being created, it is a number 1, he or she creates a piece of work that lives in its own light thanks to the artist’s visual perception and harmony.


When this small miracle happens in the gallery  (thank goodness it often does) the mind of the collector is kidnapped for a few seconds and I try explaining that his or her  life will never be the same without the work.

Nowadays it is necessary to take a break  from tough reality, and what’s better than a picture that makes you feel “high”? You can see it every morning when you wake up in your house or when you relax on the couch after a long day at work.

My beloved collectors for years, tend to remind me how much I made ​​them happy with that drawing or canvas painting that I sold to them long ago!

Why could a school of fish save your life?

It seems a simple school of fish but it’s not! It’s us, our group, our family our friends. There is control, guidance, and group motivation. At the same time lightness, brightness and direction. The unreal colours  develop our imagination: it is obvious that it may seem alive and quivering, even though there is no sea, yet you can hear it! So what could be more exciting than being carried away from  anchovies that according to the time of day change colour?