Young and talented: our gamble to pull out the dreams in the drawer

When I imagined this magazine, my desire was to put down on black and white everything that could help me to recover the proud of being Italian.

On One every artisan, artist, professional, chef and every creative artist of every field would finds their space to proudly wave the Italian flag of the Made in Italy with me. A speaking album that shows scenes of victory and positives faces, both representing an antidote to the ruling pessimism that appears to be dominating our country in these difficult times.

From today in every One’s issue we will show the faces of success. The faces of those whom had the courage to open the drawer containing their dreams and start “the adventure”. With this issue I launch what should be the focal point of our attention: those who were able to accomplish their dreams. This is the evidence that our Country can surge restart, even using as a spark only dreams and ambitions.

Enjoy the reading!

Letizia Rocca Bonelli

Head Editor