White World

In Arosa, Switzerland, to live the Alps’ magnificence from their most beautiful side

The reception is the business card that welcomes and enchants the visitor. One has no time to think because everything one needs is there. The extremely elegant and smiling personnel is ready to relieve you from the encumbrance of luggage and overcoats. Few minutes later, everything is in the room.

From the reception to the spa, the fil rouge is a “chic sobriety” that is usually found more easily in private houses where everything is in the proper place rather than in hotels. The immediate empathy with spaces, faces, and perfumes is inevitable. It is a relaxed stay which does not require any time to adapt. One crosses the doorstep and vacation immediately begins.

The location is not stingy towards the Alps’ majesty. Wide widows, both in the rooms and in the suites, and spaces able to recall the snow and the mountains’ pinnacles thanks to the diffuse use of crystal constantly remind us where we are. The Grigioni, dream’s keepers and explicit reference of the contact with the nature surrounding the place, are the uncontested masters.

The local style is blended with the most sophisticated design in a sort of wise time machine created by the Swiss architect Mario Botta. The cultured and chic environment of this 5 stars, one of the most beloved hotels in all Switzerland, surely deserves a visit both during winter and summer time.

Each floor is designed with a different chromatic style, which contaminates carpets, furniture, and paintings. To go from one level to another using the stairs is to undertake a warm and entangling artistic endeavor. As a result, one’s willingness to take the elevator soon disappears. From the outside the crystal sails, enlightened by the cromotherapy lights able to draw the sail’s shadows on the candid snow, kidnap one’s look. In this authentic installation of modern architecture the visitor finds the wellness area, which is one of the best and biggest of the entire region. Guests can enjoy a warm bath in the outdoor pool even when it’s snowing; tone up with a Kneipp circuit; rest in the expert masseurs’ hands for a Tshuggen massage, which combines 5 different treatments in a single massage with the only objective of total relaxation.

Dulcis in fundo, the food. Seasonality, nature, and the choice of the best “raw material” rule the four restaurant’s kitchens that are in the hotel. Every dish can say something to the guest’s taste. The La Vetta has a modern impact, both seductive and relaxing.  The Grand Restaurant has a strong international taste, with a rich and vast menu that acts as counter melody to the traditional dishes of the Bundnerstube. The latter, with the aromatic and panoramic La Collina, complete a gastronomic offer unmatched in the national panorama.