Orosso: a wine that changes your life

Vino: una eccellenza Italiana

It has been nearly twenty years in business suits. Convertible as sleek as shoes. Traffic and business lunch.

Suddenly the turning point: jeans, t-shirt and dusty jeep with the wheels firmly planted into the ground. What is meant as the land of Tuscany.

Alessandro Filippini, young entrepreneur, three years ago decided to leave his beloved Milan, giving up a secure job in order to dedicate his body and soul to his greatest passion: wine.

He chose Val di Cornia, that beautiful spot immersed in Maremma as if it is kissed by the sea and protected by endless woods. Here he placed his first stone to build a farm, the Terre Filippini, which reminds him every day that he has done the right thing.

“I don’t come from a wealthy background, I had to learn everything by myself, like having patience, lots of patience, but I would never go back. He says: “The vineyard is like a magnet a sort of witch. It ‘the perfect lover.”

Orosso, a Sangiovese was born from a special “bond” between the employer and the land. Fourteen degrees encased in an elegant bottle that are already spreading around the world.

In fact, although Orosso is only in its fourth vintage, it has already convinced connoisseurs and international importers and it has gained the attention of specialized magazines, such as Spirit of Wine considered as a bible of the industry.

Filippini proudly says “Orosso is the first child, but the family is set and ready to expand. We are honing three new labels, Il Risolaia (a blend of Cabernet, Merlot), L’ essenziale, a Super Tuscan and Vermentino which will have my daughter’s name(“the real one of course “he says with a smile) precisely Ginevra.

The small oil production is already started and appreciated. It is obviously one hundred percent Tuscan, the Frantoro. Another recent innovation, which was initially created just for fun is the beer. “I had an idea of combining the wine and oil production to a blonde (“ that should always be there within a family”). And so Impunita was born.